Madonna with Child
Masked Nude with Pearls
Masked Nude Leaning
Shadow Play 2
Nude with<br>Black Mask and Wings
Nude in Front<br>of Adobe Building
Masked Nude on Red Chair
Masked Nude with Dog
Nude as Plague Doctor
Masked Nude<br>on Green Couch
Harlequin with Long Hair
Harlequin with Street Lamp
Shrouded Harlequin
Nude with Evening Coat
Masked Nude Looking Down
Seated Nude with<br>Black and White Mask
Seated Nude<br>with Stylized Noh Mask
Masked Nude<br>with Swirling Tulle
Masked Nude<br>with Polka Dots
Masked Nude<br>with Head Wrap
Masked Nude<br>on Black Chair
Back Torso with Mask